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"I have been studying for an apptitude test for the CFA which I have previously failed, I hired Selvi to assist me with this test, in particular numerical/verbal and mechanical reasoning. I found Selvi to communicate very well with me which I was concerned about due to the fact I left school when I was 16 and I'm now 38. I would highly recommend Selvi to anyone who may need to brush up on their skills for such a test. Thanks for all your help."

— Tom from Boronia, VIC

I used Selvi at Wise Old Owl Tutoring Services to help me with the numerical reasoning side of the CFA Aptitude tests. I have wanted to apply for the fireys for many years and have always had the maths side of things standing in my way.  I was HOPELESS at maths and was worried that I would not be able to pass as I have always been bad with numbers and arithmetic. Selvi was a great tutor and able to make things that were complicated very clear. She not only helped with tutoring but gave me extensive material to practice with and learn from at home.

Her skilled and professional tutoring, along with her encouragement to learn and practice at home was the reason that I was able to pass this test and pass it well. I would highly recommend Wise Old Owl Tutoring Services to anyone currently looking for help with their maths skills. 


“ Selvi tutored me for year 11 mathematics. Without her help, I doubt I would have achieved the grades I did. She explained everything clearly and at a pace suitable for me. She was patient and kept me focused, and I cannot thank her enough for her hard work throughout the year. ”

— Jordan from Kilsyth, Victoria

"Selvi has been very calm and understanding with my daughter who struggles with Maths. She helped my daughter get through her Year 11 Maths. I would not hesitate in recommending Selvi to anyone who finds Maths challenging."

— Melanie from Doncaster, Vic


My 12 year old daughter (year 7) and 9 year old son (year 4) have been receiving tuition from Selvi for some time now. Prior to attending tuition, both of my children struggled with maths, and I found that the standard of maths taught at their primary school was poor. Having started lessons with Selvi they both instantly started to enjoy maths and gained a better understanding of the subject. My children say that Selvi is very good at explaining things in a way that is easy for them to understand. I feel that the gaps they had in their maths at primary school have been filled by Selvi's teaching, and my children always look forward to going to the Selvi for tuition. I would highly recommend Selvi as a maths tutor as she has certainly helped to improve my children's ability, confidence and enjoyment of maths.

— Subs

"Selvi was a wonderful tutor for our daughter, she was always patient, supportive, dedicated and punctual.  Selvi gave my daughter the confidence she needed and we could not believe how quickly her maths has improved. I believe because of Selvi’s tutoring Bella was able to grasp the concepts of maths and build on her confidence. Selvi played maths games with Bella and I think some of the time Bella didn’t even know she was learning!  I would not hesitate to recommend Selvi to anyone, she really enjoys what she does and this is obvious through the improvement of our daughter."

Jane from Croydon, Vic

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